Sexual Pleasure Educator, Instructional Video Producer, Sensual Massage Instructor, Coach and Concierge

Helping You Host Your Sex Ed Workshop, Bachelorette or Adult Sex Toy Parties and Private Consultations in Puget Sound Region of Washington (Seattle, Everett, Bellevue, Tacoma, Mt Vernon, and Marysville)

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Orgasms (especially powerful orgasms) are incredibly good for you. Besides the fact that they ‘ feel’ so good, they improve your relationships, stimulate your mind and body’s health, improve your attitude, and bolster your social connections. In spite of these and many more benefits, most Americans do not get enough quality orgasms.

But you are HERE to change that, Right?

I personally want to acknowledge you for seeking more in a culture of derogatory attitude around sexuality. I’m here to Shamelessly Promote Healthy Positive Human Sexuality. My judgments might only be for those who endeavor to inhibit access to our primal needs and delicious desires.

Feel free to join me in rejecting shame and embracing personal pleasure in your life!

You deserve it!

Please allow me to be your guide. Consider shopping for toys and / or accessories relative to sexual pleasure as no different as shopping for a pair of shoes. I’m here to help match your style and fit (figuratively speaking) to who you are, and what you need.

Resources are plentiful on the internet but not all that is available is safe or suitable. I can help you optimize your exploration, where it’s all about you. Come on in, take a look around, or contact me for concierge service.

Toys can be an integral tool in (partnered) activities of sensual pleasure and connection, I specialize in the introduction and use of inanimate (and animated) objects that one partner can use on another. Although many can be used with tremendous effect alone, having them used out of one’s control can increase pleasure exponentially.

Invite me to speak at your event or schedule a workshop with me. I am available for individual consultations, cocktail parties, Soirees, bachelorette parties, divorce parties or whatever other fabulous event you are hosting in the Seattle Washington area and Puget Sound Region including Everett, Bellevue, Tacoma, Mt Vernon and Marysville.

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Rocky Peterson is a freelance orgasm researcher (academia doesn’t cover orgasm) and educator / instructor on the mechanics and techniques of the physiology of sexual pleasure. As author of video series “101 Ways to Drive Your Man Crazy With Your Hands” and “Female Sensual Massage 101” he has taught people all over the world how genitals work, what makes them not work, and most of all how to be present and interact with them for optimum pleasure and deep intimate connection.

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